Web Design Projects

Web design projects are a natural continuation of User Experience Design projects.  A great process starts with UX research, then moves to UX Design where you can prebuild a project and work out any issues that might create a problem for the people that will be interacting with your digital products.  It is easier to adjust your work in the design phase of a project than to change what has been already built.    A proper application of the UX process can also be a great way for a company of any size to discover opportunities that their consumers are looking for that may not be getting done. 

I am currently researching different Web Design & development processes to determine the path I feel is a good one to take.  I would be happy to sit down with you & your team to learn more about what your project needs are and how to develop a system that uses both a UX & Design process to build you a project to help you grow. 

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