User Experience Design

How I view User Experience Design....
In simple terms I believe that UX Design is the ability to translate 3 simultaneous conversations into a single unified direction.  How can a digital product (app or website) have 3 conversations for the same thing going on at once? Simple, you have the world of the User, the people who interact with or consume the product.  They have their own language, wants, & needs and express them in a unique way.  Then you have world of the Business that builds, produces and sells the digital product or experience, they have a separate way of communicating, a different set of needs and wants.  Then finally you have the world of the designer, the team of people who create and build things.  They have a way of speaking that reflects the world they operate in.  

When a UX team, both the researchers & designers work on a project they are tasked with the goal of combining of the languages of all three groups into a single direction and the result is a product experience that solves the wants & needs of the Users & Business while expressing the creative passions of the design & development teams.  There is no single process of this kind of work for all projects, most follow a common set of guidelines, but the details get adjusted for each project.  This may all sound very similar to the skill sets for Product Designers, and yes in a lot of ways Product and UX Designers are closely related.

Why are am I getting into the world of User Experience Design? 
Well, it provides us a great opportunity to combine two collection of skill sets into a single direction.  UX takes advantage of my history with design projects I have done in the past.  It will also take advantage of my history of Experiential Marketing & Advertising, the power of connecting with people directly.  The design skill translates directly because most of the tools are similar if not the same.  Experiential Marketing has given me an opportunity to work directly with a range of Stakeholders (VP of Marketing) and End Users (product consumers in 40 states so far) on the same project.  I have found out that the people skills from Experiential Marketing are very similar to the ones used in communicating with Brand Leaders through to User Interviews. 

I am looking to expand into this interesting creative area and below are projects that I have been a part of. If you are a small business, I would be happy to work with you and your clients to help make your creative conversation better.  If you are a Design Manager, I would be interested in being a part of your design team. 

User Experience Projects:

Product: Taskly A Task Management Application for the Experiential Marketing Industry

Stakeholder: Careerfoundry

My Role: Sole Researcher & Designer

Special note: This project is highlighted as the Case Study the process details can be seen there.

I was tasked with designing and developing a task management application for an industry.  Having previous experience with the Experiential Marketing & Advertising industry I chose to build the product for them.  It was an interesting project because I was able to combine skills from other areas of Design and Experiential Marketing (EM&A) to complete it.  I found that the people interaction skills translated over to User Experience Design & Research in a lot of ways.  Both UX and EM&A have stakeholders that sometimes are the same people (ie VP of Marketing).  Both put me in contact with the End User where my job is to communicate about the products and how it is viewed by those Users. 

Additional UX Design Projects to follow. 

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