A Collection of Skills:

I have been fortunate enough to work with a range of clients with a diverse collection of projects. These have covered 2D & 3D work, some were put into production and some were one custom work.  As clients needs change so a designer’s skill set evolves, this can be done by obtaining new skills or adapting existing ones in new ways.  As you can observe I am open to working on projects in a wide possibilities of skill sets. 

An additional set of creative skills I am in the process of adding to our portfolio covers the area of User Experience design and I am looking into CMS based web applications.  We are still developing, researching and gaining the training needed in these new areas but as the new projects show up be sure to check out the new User Experience & Web Projects sections for those exciting projects.  I am happy to connect with you to discuss your projects and how you and I could work together to bring your idea to life to help build your business.

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