Print Design

While not part of my original design adventure I have been able to be involved with a good number of projects that were in the realm of print.  Not all of them involved being printed on paper.  I have produced advertisements to go into a range of publications, these have included both business and non profit organizations.  The more traditional projects include pages for a sales catalog, and product detail sheets.  One unique part of the print category is graphics for clothing.  These have included branded items for a new company and event t-shirts for a entertainment venue. 

Even in a mostly digital world print is a strong way for a brand to interact with consumers.  It is a low-tech product opportunity to express the value of a brand or product that can last a long time.   Print projects cover typography, photo manipulation, page layouts and can range in size from business cards to large signage.   

I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat PDF, InDesign software to produce these projects.

Print Projects

These projects fall into the traditional idea of print projects.  These are for a mix of clients and were done for magazines, flyers and other paper-based applications.  For a few I was part of a design team, most I was the sole designer.  

Print for apparel 

Several print projects that I was a part of were about using print on clothing to showcase an event or to increase brand awareness.  Event shirts are a way for consumers to have a connection and remember it.  Brands can use print as part of their promotional or advertising process. 

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