2018 saw a strong period of growth for my Photography projects, I was able to expand to locations outside of the central Ohio area and ventured into parts of Pennsylvania and Kentucky for events.  I began working with the Sports Car Club of America’s special events team to help capture the continual growth of one program and the exciting start of a new one for them.  Looking to continue the idea of expanding our portfolio I was able to team up with another photographer to add Equestrian events in the central Ohio area to our portfolio. 

This growth also saw my work being published in a nationally published magazine Grassroots Motorsport Magazine for an article they did at one of the events in Bowling Green Kentucky.  Additional magazine opportunities have continued into the 2019 season.  All this growth generated the need for a rebranding to improve and simplify name awareness and retention with clients, resulting in the new BerchakMedia as a Co-Brand to BerchakDesign.  My projects now cover Motorsports events, Equestrian Events & Product, and design projects as needed.

Video projects

Taking advantage of tools that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, I explored the process of building and editing video.  For the most part these projects were done as part of a learning process for other projects.  Adobe PremierPro was used as the main tool for assembling, and Photoshop and Illustrator for the creation of assets for each video.  During the project, one video turned into a parody of a sports show covering a motorsports simulation.  This project required the use of an character creation and animation software package to make the broadcasters.  Additional video projects are at my YouTube channel under Michael Berchak.

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