Package Design

Packages come in all sizes and are made of a wide range of materials.  Packaging is a 3-dimensional environment that is one way a brand interacts with their users.  Packaging expresses information about both the brand that produces it and the product inside, it is used for protection, security and as a point of sale. Packaging is part of the Brand messaging system and is used to express the value of the product and company that produces it.  Visual elements and colors of packaging are used to distinguish it from its competitors on the shelf or on a screen.  Packaging can be the first and last thing a consumer sees and connects with. 

Package design follows a similar path of development to product design, involving researching multiple areas.  Good package design goes through many iterations and revisions while working with the process that will be used to manufacture it. On these projects I worked in both a team and solo environments.  I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in their production.

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