Digital Projects

Digital Design covers all the projects that are interacted with via a screen, no matter what the size might be.  From the smallest smart watch to the largest of billboards, if it is projected, it is a digital environment.  Digital projects are like Print in that you have a given space (the screen) to work within and in most cases, there is a flow on how that area is viewed.  The biggest difference is that print uses a CMYK (the colors of ink used) environment and Digital uses an RGB (the colors that your screen uses) environment. 

Digital projects can be more interactive if you take advantage of the touch feature on most smart devices and services.  This can give you more of a User Experience condition when done well, interactive PDF’s are one example of this.  Digital Design elements do have one major drawback, in most cases they can be temporary, its rather hard to view a screen when your smart phone battery goes dead.  Our past digital projects include PowerPoint sales presentations & event reports, email banner headers, digital book conversions and promotional videos.  If you are planning a Digital Design project, reach out we would be interested in helping you to make it better.

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Client: Career Partners International (VP of Marketing)

Project: Redesign of PowerPoint Sales deck for use in domestic & International Markets

My Role:  Sole Designer working with the VP of Marketing.

Task: To reduce the number of pages in the original sales deck (aprox. 70+) down to a simpler presentation (22 pages).

Tools used: Research, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Working with the VP of Marketing we created a new strategy for the sales presentation, reduced the number of pages in the sales deck from 70 down to 20. Built a new template that is easy to update for each team independent of region.  Created new graphics and other visual elements that were on brand.      

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Client: Book Author & Illustrator

Project: A Crazy Dog Under the Palace digital conversion

My Role: Convert layout to a digital format compatible with current eReaders. (I DID NOT CREATE THE STORY OR ARTWORK)

Task: To assist the Author in the conversion of a print book to be sold on Amazon & iBooks (iTunes)

Tools used: Research, Adobe InDesign, iBooks, iTunes

The Author / Illustrator approached me about one of his children’s book that he had already produced and converting it to a digital format that could be sold on Amazon and iBooks to increase sales and title awareness.  My work on this was more on the back end of the process where I would take the artwork and copy and convert it to a layout that would work with the more common eBook readers. 

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Garrett Girls High School Basketball Promo Reels:

Client: Private Family

Project: Girls Basketball recruitment videos

My Role: Sole creative for video assembly and artwork.

Task: To take all the raw digital video footage and build a video to send to college coaches.  This was done via both my YouTube Channel and DVD.  The DVD included building menu screens and navigation.

Tools used: Research, Adobe: Illustrator, Premier Pro, PhotoShop

A family contacted me to help them make a recruitment video for their high school senior daughter that would be sent to prospective college Basketball coaches.  I took the raw video footage (provided by the family) and then built the video in Premiere Pro.  I had to build a brand feel and the graphics for a unified feel.  The video was sent via YouTube and CD and resulted in multiple scholarship offers.

D. Garrett Promo Reel:

G. Garrett Promo Reel:

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