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With all the growth of consumers interacting with brands on a digital screen the experience they have while doing so has become even more important than ever.  Everything from learning about a new place to eat to the quality of service a company around the corner can start with a search on a phone or computer.  The quality of your digital product (website or app) is one of your first touch points with a potential customer.  A positive first User Experience can be a powerful tool to translate a search into a sale. 

Even a simple website is not just a collection of photos and text.  Websites require researching who your users are and how they go about using it to learn more about your brand, your service, or products and if they are interested in consuming them.  Digital products also require having a strong understanding of what your business goals are.  In some ways a Website is an employee that has a title and a job description, so it helps to make sure you know those as well. 

If you have a digital product concept in mind and would like to see how the User Experience Design Process can help you create it I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you and go over the details.


Client: Career Foundry

Project Catagory: UX Design (desktop and mobile app)

Project Name: Taskly A Task Management Application for the Experiential Marketing & Advertising Industry 

Problem Statement: To design an productivity app for the Experiential Marketing and Advertising industry.  The idea of helping with managing and organizing the different aspects of the process of producing and executing Event Marketing programs.  

My Role(s): I was responsible for the UX & UI Research and Design.

Project Description:  This project was about designing an task management application for both desktop and mobile environments for a specific industry.  The goal of this project was to come up with a system that would cover the three main levels of Users for this industry, the Program Manager, the Tour Manager, and the Brand Ambassadors who work those types of events.  Because each level is responsible for different levels of participation before and during the event, the level of access for viewing and editing content were different.   The Project Managers have 100% access for entering and editing data, the Tour Managers can enter and edit some areas of data and the Brand Ambassadors can mostly just view data.  Where the different levels accessed the product were different with the Project & Tour Managers accessing via desktop & mobile environments and the Brand Ambassadors would be mostly mobile access (with desktop as an option).   This difference in levels was the driving factor for the use of three colors helping to distinguish them.  

Below are several slide shows with images from the different stages including research, ideation, testing and final deliverable's.  This is just a sampling of the work created for this project, if you are interested in seeing more please contact me to make arrangements.   This project was a concept and was never completed beyond the design stage. 


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