A Collection of Skills

A Collection of Skills

Thank you for stopping by to look at my collection of past projects.  As you will discover I have had the great fortune of working on a range of different projects.  Some of these projects have provided me with the opportunity to combine skills from different design disciplines in order to complete, others were more of a singular direction.  To me all design is done by following a similar process of discovery & understanding, research, ideation, and then production.  A similar process that is adjusted to the details of each project as needed.  One of the unique things I have discovered looking back at these projects is how they have influenced each other.  Some of the skills learned Experiential Marketing and Advertising projects transfer into making me both better and more comfortable with design research. 

Creative areas we currently work with:
User Experience Design & Research
CMS Website design & building
Visual brand development
Digital presentations & publications
Photography & some minor video editing
Print & Package Design
Experiential Marketing & Advertising

I am looking forward to adding your projects & success to this list soon. 
If you have any questions about what I can help you with be sure to reach out to me.

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