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Photography has connection with design projects on many different levels.  From capturing an event to the look of a product, to an expression of emotion a photo can tell many stories without saying a word.  2019 had me shooting a range of events at multiple locations throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons, here around in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.  Focusing mostly on both Amateur Motorsports and Equestrian events I was able to capture the passion and excitement of the people participating. 

Again, for the 2019 season I was working with the Sports Car Club of America to help continue the growth of one of their newest programs while also shooting events of their established series.  2019 had me going to a total of 4 locations with the idea of capturing the experience of the people at the events. I was able to expand to a new group of Motorsports Enthusiast that were a lot of fun to work with.

The 2019 Equestrian season was also one of growth, taking me to a few new locations and working with some new organizations.  Equestrian riders are just as passionate about their sport as any others, and their love of the animals and the different types of programs was fun to capture.  The riders were as much fun to shoot in the paddocks tending to their horses as they were in the rings while performing.

2019 was a year of growth and I was expecting the 2020 season be one of the same. With all the changes to schedules and events, 2020 will be an exercise in adaptation.  The new partners and locations that were scheduled are now being evaluated and updated, I am guessing that the second half of the season should be able to happen in some way.  If you have a photography-based project that you are looking for help with be sure to reach out and connect with me.

Skills and Software:
Adobe LightRoom CC, Adobe PhotoShop, Camera work

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