About US

About US

Why Berchak Design?

As a central Ohio native with a family history of owning and operating small businesses, I enjoy the challenge of trying to translate a client’s business issue into a creative solution that will help them grow.  I have had the opportunity to work with a range of different clients doing different types of projects.  These opportunities have been on both local and a national level.  These projects cover different types of design and experiential marketing & advertising.  

Armed with a degree in Industrial & Environmental Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design (Columbus Ohio) and the willingness to explore new skills when an adventure requires it.  In 2015 event photography (BerchakMedia) was added to our portfolio because there was opportunity to grow.  This addition has seen my work published locally and in nationally printed magazines and blogs.  Not long ago I was interested in trying to combine the skill sets gained the from Design and Experiential Marketing projects into one direction and after a bit of research I found that the world of User Experience Design & Research will let me accomplish this. 


Berchak Design’s Goals:

Brands have issues that come up in many forms.  My goal is to help translate those issues into creative solutions that build a stronger User Experience between you & your customers using the best platform to achieve a strong solution.  I aim to do this by having a good understating of yours and your customers’ needs and wants in order to provide an end solution that builds a better connection for both sides.

I look forward to connecting with you and your team to see how we can make your creative project come to life to help build growth. 

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