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As an Independent Creative Consultant, I have provided creative services for a range of different types of projects.  My process starts with conducting research related to each project before I start any of the creative services.  This is done to help differentiate you from your competition, with the goal of helping you to stand out better. I have done projects in the areas of Branding, Print, Digital, and Experiential Marketing and Advertising.  My history covers projects and services ranging from beverage to telecommunications to automotive. I have worked with clients local to central Ohio and on national programs.

A new area of design that I am excited to be a part of is the growing field of User Experience Design (UX).  I am looking forward to combining two of my professional areas into one direction.  By mixing design and experiential marketing together this covers both the creative and human side of the UX design process.  I am interested in connecting with you to learn about your creative project needs and how I would be able to help your team make this happen.  If you are local to the Columbus Ohio area we can meet in person or we could chat via a digital connection.  

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