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Welcome to BerchakDesign!
 I want to show you how design can help to find a solution to your Business Problems!

As business’s grow and adapt to the changing worlds they operate in, they run into problems.  Sometimes these problems are old and familiar, and it is understood what’s needed to fix them.  Or they are new ones that come about because of growth and the answers are not known, yet.  And then there are the problems that are mostly understood but require skill sets that are not part of the company.

BerchakDesign would like to learn about how your business is growing and what problems you are having as you try and achieve your new goals.  I have a collection of creative skill sets that can help you tackle your growing business needs, maybe from a new perspective.  As a small creative consultancy I work with clients to help them discover solutions to their creative projects.  Today's Business’s connect with their customers through many touch points, from in person, printed materials and digital screens. Sometimes new tools and ideas are used to achieve this.  The process of helping a client discover the areas that need new ideas is a driving force of how we pursue our client’s success.  This process is all about translating the voice of the consumers and the voice of a business into a harmony that both can enjoy. 

Deck light package design. Owned by Maxsa Innovation in partnership with J5 Design

is a small creative consultancy that help clients find solutions to their creative problems, while building a positive User Experience!

Lets work together

to make this happen!

I enjoy the direct connection when working with clients because we can work together to have a better understanding of the needs of both the company and their customers. When clients have a strong understanding of the people who they do business with, both sides are happy.  

All design is a process.  Everything from User Experience Design & Research, to a Web Site, to a Printed Brochure, it all is built with a process, even something as simple as a logo.  The design process is made up of three major parts, the first part is the User (those that are consuming the product or service), the second part is the Stake Holders (the business), and the third part is the Designer who is acting as a translator, connecting the Users and the Business. While design projects can be similar no two are the same, so each project is given the room to adjust the Design Thinking Process to fit the needs of that specific project. 

Let’s connect and go over your projects needs and see what business issues we can resolve.

PinDating account screen owned by BerchakDesign
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